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August Pet of the Month

When our beloved Emily, a Redbone hound, died after several years of being sick, I was too devastated to think about bringing a new dog into our lives. But my husband convinced me to just go to the Anti-Cruelty Society to spend time with the dogs there. He said it might help me to get over my grief.

Well, he was right. Eddie was there and was so beautiful with that blond coat and those dark lined eyes that we couldn’t resist asking to play with him. He was skinny and a little shy but we could tell he really loved being with people. I couldn’t bear to leave him. He looked like a young puppy but was actually a few months old. He stood there wagging his crazy tail as we stood up to go. His expressive eyes said “please take me home with you” so we did.

That was about 14 years ago. He learned lots of fun tricks, loved to take long walks, could fetch a tennis ball at the beach for hours, and even learned to swim — although not very gracefully. He’s always been a wonderful companion. He’s very intuitive and easy to take care of. You can talk to him and he seems to understand just about anything you say to him. Now his hearing and sight aren’t as good as they used to be, but all in all I think he’s aging well. He still has the personality and spirit of a puppy.

He loves to eat but stays very lean. His favorite desserts are apples, carrots, and pears. He knows when I’m making a smoothie and stays very close so I don’t forget he likes to eat healthy too! About the only thing that disrupts his sunny disposition are thunderstorms and rainy windy weather. When storms come, he finds the farthest room in the house to hide.

He loves Angel. When I’m home I can tell that he waits for him to go for his walk every day. He loves all his Urban Tailz friends and I think he knows what a lucky dog he is! When I’m gone, he gets to keep his same routine, has fun, and never feels abandoned. I don’t need to worry about him and feel happy knowing he’s safe and well taken care of.


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