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July Pet of the Month

Hallie came into our world around the beginning of October. We picked Hallie up from an amazing breeder in Iowa who has been breeding show dogs for over 20 years. Hal was a part of a large litter of adorable energetic boxer male and female pups! We knew we wanted her once we saw photos and couldn’t resist her cute white wrinkled face! She was the sweetest pup in her early puppy months and is even sweeter today!

From day one Hallie has loved play time, walks, the park, and of course the many bones she goes through weekly! She loves nothing more than to lick you to death until you are covered in slobber. She also always looks sad (because of the wrinkles) but don’t let that fool you she is the happiest dog and adapted to the city life right away!

She is extremely attached to her owner Brian and does not leave his side when he is home. She loves other dogs and wants nothing more than to play with any dog she sees! She loves to get into her moms flowers and baskets and her favorite treat is a hot dog! She occasionally indulges in some bacon and will do anything for a bite of salmon! She is not a fan of fruit and is very afraid of the vacuum! She loves playing in water and we are convinced she is a great swimmer!

Hallie gets so excited when Kelsen comes to take her for her daily puppy walks! We are very lucky to have him and are so happy we found Urban tails to help us with our sometimes busy schedules!

-Meghan and Brian

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