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pet of the month scout

May Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month Scout Wilbur was born on December, 2013. We rescued him when he was 8 weeks old from Wright Way Rescue. He was named Scout because of his ability to fetch a toy immediately upon bringing him home, and his middle name Wilbur because of the pig-like noises he made as a puppy.

Scout is a fun-loving, very talkative, and extremely energetic dog. He loves playing with other dogs, big piles of snow, and playing tug at home. When his parents are too tired to continue playing, Scout amuses himself by chasing his tail, and is even known to do somersaults in attempts to catch his arch-nemesis, the ever-elusive black tail. He loves a good bath, but ironically can’t stand the rain.

Scout has been an amazing addition to our family, always puts a smile on our face, and finds new ways to keep us entertained every day.

Jolie & Daniel

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