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dog soul mates

Soul Mates

It didn’t start off well. In fact, it was downright rocky. The first meeting did not go as planned, with Casey barking and trying to attack Tesla. Casey hated Tesla more than any dog had ever hated anything. She had way too much spunk and a love for life that really irked Casey. She would try to run and play, and he would try to bite and make her stop having fun. 

That changed pretty quickly though. The more time they spent together, the more Casey started to appreciate Tesla’s positive outlook on life and her good nature. He started following her around more and more, and he always wanted to snuggle with her when it was nap or bed time. Tesla changed Casey for the better. She changed him in a way that only dogs can do.

Casey has had a rough life (in his eyes). He has always been a dog who was anxious, had bad separation anxiety, and always made himself sick because of his anxiety. There would be days of throwing up and diarrhea because he was so nervous. We would crate him, but that only made things worse. He broke a tooth biting at his crate one day which stopped the crating pretty quickly. We would come home to chewed up rugs and a dog that was extremely anxious. Medications helped a little, but nothing seemed to work. 

Separation anxiety is something many dogs deal with, and it can be really stressful for both the dog and their owners. No amount of training, thundershirts, or soothing applications ever seemed to help Casey just relax and enjoy being a dog.  That was until Tesla came along.

Tesla’s calm and happy energy is exactly what Casey needed in his life. Casey now follows her around so he can be near her, and his anxiety has subsided greatly. She’s become the love of his life, and the anchor that has helped him get over his separation anxiety. He will still sometimes get nervous when we leave, but with Tesla by his side the anxiety has gone down tremendously.

They are now best friends, and Casey couldn’t imagine his life without Tesla. She helped heal him when nothing else seemed to work. He can now be alone without the stress of his parents being gone. Half the time he doesn’t even get up to say hello when we come home now! His life is so much better with Tesla around, and we could not be happier.

It’s amazing what animals can do. They have that special power to change things in life for the better. They’re there for you when you’re feeling upset, anxious, or just need a good hug. They are always happy to see you, they’re always up for some playtime, and they just make us better people. They leave such a wonderful, lasting impression on our lives. They truly are special. For Casey, there’s nothing more special than sweet Tesla. They truly are soul mates!

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