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Preparing for the Winter Months

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Winter Months

The heat of summer is directly in our rear-view and the winter months are coming up quickly unfortunately, so we wanted to take a moment to talk about walking your pets in the winter and how to prepare for the cold weather.

Warm Clothing

A lot of our dogs, especially the smaller pups, really need a warm jacket to wear while they’re out on walks during the cold season. The smaller pups are so close to the cold ground while they walk, so it’s very important to make sure their chest area is warm and protected to keep them safe and warm during their winter walks.

Paw Protection

It’s also important that their feet are protected from all the salt that’s laid down during the snowy periods of winter. There are a few good options for your doggie’s paws that Urban Tailz recommends. Pawz Dog Boots are reasonably-priced rubber booties that are easy to be put on and stand up well to the winter. They can be purchased at almost any pet store or on Amazon.

Another good option if your pet isn’t a fan of wearing boots is the Musher’s Secret Wax which is a wax your rub into your pet’s paws before heading out for their walk. The wax protects their sensitive pads from the salt on sidewalks. It can also be purchased at many pet stores as well as Amazon.


Your pet also needs plenty of exercise during the winter. A lot of the time, especially with the smaller dogs, our pets are stuck inside for most of the day because it’s just too difficult to get them out on quality walks when the weather is cold and snowy. Your pet can get very anxious and have lots of pent-up energy if they aren’t getting their usual exercise because of the cold.

A great option if you have the space and the budget is a doggie treadmill such as the DogPacer Dog Treadmill. A 20 or 30 min jog on a doggie treadmill will greatly enhance your pet’s health while also reducing their anxiety or pent-up energy during the winter months.

Mental exercise can also wear out your pup (sometimes more than regular exercise). Buying puzzle toys is one way to help with mental training that doesn’t involve much work on your part. Training your pet can also be a good mental exercise, and it helps you build a bond with you and your pet.

Play Dates

You know that feeling you get when you’re antsy because you’ve been stuck inside your home all day? Pets get the same feelings! A house can sometimes feel like a prison for a pet if they aren’t getting outside enough. Set up a play date with your pet and one of their furry friends. It will get you and your pet out of the house, and the mental stimulation can be enough to wear your pet out for the night.

Hire A Dog Walker

We also know you don’t enjoy going out in the cold and snow of winter, so that’s where Urban Tailz comes in! We’re available 365 days a year, and we walk in all conditions. Why walk in the winter when you can have one of our great walkers do it for you!


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