Providing Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Chicago

Urban Tailz has been providing daily dog walks, cat sitting, house sitting, and other pet services in most neighborhoods on the North Side of Chicago since 2000. 

Pets are near and dear to our hearts, and they require special care. At Urban Tailz, we recognize this fact, and we treat every animal like it’s our own. In the great city of Chicago, we realize there are many options for people with pet care needs. We believe Urban Tailz is right for your dog walking or pet sitting needs.

We specialize in one on one care because we know that your pet will appreciate that extra bit of attention. Whether it’s a dog walk around town or a quiet visit for companionship, we will focus on your pet and make them feel special. After all, anyone can ‘walk your dog’. Only Urban Tailz can build a relationship and become your pet’s best friend.

Your Pet's Safety and Your Home

Urban Tailz is a licensed, bonded, and insured LLC. We also believe safety and trust are the most important aspects of any dog walking business, so all of our dog walkers are put through the most stringent background check of any dog walking company in Chicago.

We have a unique relationship with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Police Department that allows us to run each new walker through multiple background databases before they are allowed to work for Urban Tailz. No dog walking company in Chicago takes your and your pet's safety more seriously than Urban Tailz!

Tesla and Max enjoying their evening dog walk

Tesla and Max enjoying their evening dog walk

Urban Tailz Services

Does your dog need a walk while you're at work? Your cat need friendly visits while you're out of town? Your pups need a friend to stay in your home while you're on vacation?

Urban Tailz provides dog walking, pet sitting, and other pet services in most neighborhoods on the North Side of Chicago 365 days a year. Find out more about all of our great services. 

Murray resting after having his breakfast

About Urban Tailz

Urban Tailz has been taking care of Chicago's pets since 2000. We started Urban Tailz because we have pets and we know how important they are. They aren't just pets, they're family!

We have become one of the most well-known and highest-rated dog walking companies in Chicago. Interested in becoming part of the Urban Tailz family?